Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter, life and death

In my early second trimester, 29 years ago today, I lost a child I was carrying.  This day, 29 years ago, is also when I had,what is called by most, the 'near death' experience. Since that time I have learned that the description of my experience is really similar to many others- the light, the questioning if I was ready, the presence of two people waiting for me - but, I have also learned that while the circumstances are similar each person's response is really uniquely their own.  This year the anniversary seems more poignant as it also falls on Easter. Easter, I have learned, has circumstances similar for most, is also very different for each person according to his/her response.  I hope that by sharing my view that others are encouraged to think about their own responses - to both Easter and life.

I still mourn the child I will never hold, but treasure the thought of their being.
Our life offers many rehearsals with series of small deaths and mini-rebirths.
Death isn't the end
Birth is only one beginning
Life holds both and is much more than either
We are really so loved