Sunday, June 24, 2007

Intimate Strangers

We are crowded in an elevator facing a metal door, we stand behind each other with baskets in a check out line, we sit in a crowded doctor's waiting area, we stand with baggage through security lines... waiting... spending moments or hours together but politely isolated... who are these people I have spent so much time with... who are those taken off balance by a smile and suspicious if a comment is made.. who clutch their bag more tightly if a movement accidentally places us too close... I suppose I will have to wait to know..

Southwest Airlines A - B - C

Southwest Airlines offers "A" seating where the passenger is allowed to board the plane first. In this initial group there is the best chance that you will get premier sitting of your first choice and have a comfortable trip to your destination. What gives me cause to wonder, though, is when the fellow passengers, who will be joining me in the 2 hour trip, will stand in the "A" line for 2 hours to ensure they have the very first choice in comfortable seating for the 2 hour flight.... it just makes me wonder...

Breaking the Thundering Silence

Have you ever been in a situation where the silence was deafening? I have found in those situations a gentle gesture or touch or kind act speaks louder than words and eases the transition back to healing communication.