Friday, November 23, 2007

Holiday Preparation

This morning after Thanksgiving I sit in my recliner stretching the morning for as many hours as possible. I watch the news reports and see the masses circling the stores in search for the best holiday deals. Thousands of people seem to be enjoying what I would find so stressful. They dart in between strangers, reach to grab the last prized item, stand in long lines, and melt into a humanity of people on a quest for what they don't have and want to give... all in celebration of the holiday of peace...

I marvel at their ability to smile through it all.. how they seem to enjoy the rush.. and wonder why I have no desire to join them.. I would rather shop online or at a small mom & pop store in a smaller city downtown area for the one of a kind gift..

I wonder how black Friday became a tradition.. I understand our economy depends on it... I am grateful to those willing to step up and shop creating the needed economic indicators... I salute them all with my second hot cup of coffee cuddled comfortably in my favorite chair!