Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trapped in the Economic Cave-in for too long

It seems to me that the rescuing of the miners trapped for so long is analogous to so many who have been trapped in the hole of this recession: We were all just doing our work when suddenly the world caved in around us -we know there is life going on above us (we read of the tremendous profits and bonuses that large finance/investment companies are receiving) but somehow we are trapped in this dark hole. Perhaps, the miners will inspire us all and give us hope, perhaps this recession that is officially over will soon reach the depths of the cave that has held so many captive for too long. Too much time has been spent telling those who are trapped in this economic cave-in, what they should have done to prevent it or just throwing them day-to-day survival support. When what we need to do is to concentrate on providing a “phoenix” to raise those economically trapped into the sunlight. They, too, deserve, to be lifted out of the hole and onto solid ground.