Monday, April 30, 2007

Saturday cleanup

A point of view does create much insight. We must be careful though as it often seems to cause one's sight to go inward and stop. Perhaps it is best if we move ideas around, dust off our thoughts, and look out for viewpoints that may be blocking us from new ideas. It could be our point of view is up front protecting our feelings (those which stand guard in front of fears or pride or guilt). Every now and then we should have a cleaning day of viewpoints we hold as fact.. just to make sure that we are really sharing our view instead of hiding from ourselves.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Who I am vs Who I want to be

My son told me it isn't being published which makes one a writer; it is being rejected and deciding that you will keep writing... I like that.

He also quoted someone else who said - suffering is temporary but quitting is forever.

Maybe we are who we want to be as long as we don't quit trying.

The problem is that there is an "I" in FAIR

We probably have all heard the adage.. "There is no I in Team"

......some may have heard my husband's favorite response to that adage which is to ask , "Do you know what phrase has two 'U's?" That response, though, is probably best saved for private jokes and no way out, desperate situations where all that you have left to win is the satisfaction of having the last word...

But, as we were discussing... there is no "I" in TEAM and there really shouldn't be in FAIR.. too often that "I" goes first when people are measuring the fairness of an action or decision at work and really shouldn't. I truly don't think one can make a 'fair' decision because it will change with each person's "I". Perhaps we would be better served to attempt to reach decisions in justice. While there is a "U" in justice, there is also an "I" and maybe the two is what balances the scales.

Friday plans

All the chatter centers around 'plans' for the weekend. It is almost as if there was a competition which measures social success based upon the number of activities scheduled in that two day period. If that be so, then I proudly take last place. I love the silence of these two days. I love having my thoughts wander, the mundane tasks completed that had been neglected through the dash of the week, the meandering exploration for treasures at neighbors' garage sales, having time with those I love, and the writing of thoughts to a vast cyberspace crowd of really no one... now that is a great weekend.

A Grateful Heart can't harden

It seems to me that gratitude is the greatest gift you give to yourself. It is one of those boomerang presents.. you offer thanks and your heart is filled with the gratitude sent. I love those kind of gifts, where you really don't know who gave the present because both are so overjoyed with the sharing. It is easier to learn to love yourself when you find the boomerang gifts...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Me Me Me Me

Isn't it funny how we can demand attention but have such trouble receiving the genuine love of another? It is as if we are humbled when we are truly loved or maybe our great fear of losing such a treasure makes us hesitate..

Thursday counts

Have you ever thought it would be easier to hold your tongue if your mind would only hold your thoughts a little longer?

When it is out of your control... let it go

Have you ever been aware of a situation at work that is not unethical, but just uncomfortable and totally out of your control (i.e., management is delaying an announcement; decisions are made which will impact people but they aren't consulted or even informed of pending situation)?

Remember... Just let go of what you can't control... and move forward.. prepare for the reaction you know will result in management's inaction without blame, a told you so, or excusing yourself.... don't look backward, just move forward. Once you have told management your concerns, it isn't in your control. .. let it go.

Start out small

Maybe a pet, a puppy or fish... but the quickest way to find out that you are lovable is to love & care for another... the very act of caring makes you understand.. good plan actually.

Wednesday Went without a Word

Every now and then, I find it important to go a day without giving advice and finding out that the world did just fine without my words of wisdom...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just because

It seems, for me, that when I feel the best about myself are the days that end with me realizing I never took the time to think about my own success or failures, because I was so busy working and/or helping others.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday then

Have you ever felt alone in a crowd? Or the deafening silence of small talk avoiding the reality of conflict?

Monday, April 23, 2007

A grateful heart

A grateful heart and a hungry spirit... both are needed to move forward

I asked my son what made him want to go back to school.. he said, "I woke up broke and hungry."

He saw the gift in waking and in the hunger so with both he could move forward in hope.

With just one or the other, we remain just where we are, I believe. ... which isn't a bad thing on some Saturday mornings either.

Monday a.m.

With the written message the word rules, but with the same message spoken, it is your voice that is king...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Smile, smile, smile...when no one is looking

When was the last time you smiled at yourself? Really said "hello" and smiled as you looked in the mirror without judgement, just stopped by to smile at your reflection... that person in the mirror deserves to be loved by you....

By the way, I wouldn't answer that question out loud in front of anyone... or try the whole smiling at yourself & saying hello in a public restroom..

Sunday Morning -

Yesterday I told my son that the world talked too much. He asked, "Did you need to say that?"