Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Cultural Survey of Professions

Please add your 'view' to our current Professional Culture Research Study. The research team needs your help, click the following link and take this survey - it is under 10 minutes of your time and will assist many for years to come in understanding their work environment and understanding others.

Let the Credits Roll

You worked all week and into the weekend on a project. You even had your staff working overtime. You present the finished work to your division head and are invited to attend the board meeting in case there are any questions when the project plan is reviewed. At the meeting you sit off to the side and wait. There are no questions but plenty of praise..all being given to the division head! Not one comment mentioned about your work or your team. You were robbed the opportunity to shine.

When you don't get the credit you deserve, realize that you are building your credibility as the expert and reputation as loyal. Thank your team in a separate meeting and let them know the good words about the project. Your expertise has been sharpened, your division head knows he/she needs you (even though it may not be admitted), and you have motivated your team with the praise they deserve. Don't mention who the Board credited.. let that roll.